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PhD positions are open in the topics of OTKA FK 134343 project and OTKA PD 134284 projects.
Title: Antifungal proteins - Investigation of antifungal mechanism and biological role for new therapeutic approaches
Title: Biofungicide and bioactivator potential of novel defensin-like proteins from Solanum lycopersicum L.
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MSc and BSc diploma thesis worker

BSc and MSc diploma thesis work opportunities are open for university students.

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Closed PhD, MSc and BSc theses in the topic of antifungal proteins in the past 5 years

PhD theses:

Liliána Tóth (2018; University of Szeged): Isolation and characterization of Neosartorya fischeri antifungal protein 2 (NFAP2) (in Hungarian)

MSc theses:

BSc theses: